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Times have changed, and so has service provision, owing to the emergence of Software as a Service. This model also goes by the name ‘on-demand software,’ and it has increasingly become a popular alternative to the conventional approach where one would buy and install software on their machine. Users pay a fee for the services, and the vendor remains responsible for hosting and maintaining the software, leaving users with little to do regarding maintenance and upgrades.

This model is a convenient solution for all business sizes as all you need to access the services is a reliable internet connection and a good browser. It enables users to bypass the high costs associated with buying hardware that can support the programs they wish to use. You can find lots of applications available in this model ranging from accounting solutions to anti-virus programs.

Given how important this model has become over time, it is essential to understand how it works and its characteristics.

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With this model, businesses can save tons of money in upfront costs, making it an economical alternative. The development, maintenance, and upgrade fees are common which ensures that the consumers part with a reasonable sum of money on a monthly or annual basis, instead of the whole amount as the case would be when using a conventional approach. Also, users can share an application and customize it such that it shows different data and boasts of a different design.

A businessperson is thus able to control activities from one place instead of having to make changes to each machine. A good example would be regarding upgrades. In the traditional approach, it would be up to the business person to keep track of any new versions in the market and to make the necessary installations to keep up with the trends. This approach thus calls for a hands-on management process. With SaaS, the third party provider ensures that all patches or upgrades coming into the market get reflected on the software and users do not have to worry about lagging on trends, as long as they keep up with the payments.


In the past, business information would be in a central place, and this limited the number of people who could get their hands on the data. Though this worked great regarding privacy and ensuring that sensitive information did not get into the wrong hands, it also limited collaboration efforts in a firm. With SaaS, a business will have access to applications which it can access, as long as there is a stable internet connection, and a suitable browser. In this way, anyone with the required login details can access the information, make changes, or leave comments or other activities geared towards helping the business meet its goals. It is thus possible for firms to have consultants reporting from various parts of the globe, and managing the information becomes easy as it is possible to share data through the network.

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An excellent example of such a case would be Google Sheets. As long as one has access to the documents and the files, one can upload, track changes as well as edit data on the account, ensuring that anyone with similar access can also stay on top of things. The ability to access software from different network devices has been a breakthrough in managing businesses.


You can choose to rely on SaaS as a standalone application, where your business needs are minimal. You can also opt to integrate it with other platforms such as a plugin to Platform as a Service or rely on it as a software for a broad application. You also have the option to customize it such that you integrate it into an existing system or you could add it as a software to a new application. There are quite many options in this regard, and you can choose what best helps you meet your business goals. SaaS models are also highly scalable such that you will not need to invest in additional servers or software during integration with other systems.


In traditional approaches, you need to install the software on your machine, which is a process that can take up much time leading into weeks, owing to configuration time. You also have to deal with glitches that could come about due to software deployment, and it thus takes up a considerable amount of time. With SaaS, you do away with the buying and installation procedures, and you move straight to using applications whose files are in the cloud. Thanks to the configuration in place, the applications are ready to use, and all you need to do is to enter your login details and start working.


Data in SaaS models gets hosted on the cloud with active backup systems such that where your business faces data loss or a security threat, you can always recover your files, including those on mobile devices. With these fantastic features, it is not a surprise that tons of firms are in a rush to get in on this model.

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For a business to be successful, it is essential to invest in SaaS tools concerning accounting, productivity, website building, e-commerce, email marketing, collaboration and a range of other activities that enable businesses to stand out in the market.These tools are known to increase efficiency and boost sales. Let us take a look at some of the software solutions you should consider and why:

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Pros & Cons

SaaS has grown in popularity over the years, owing to its many benefits. Though it has some downsides, the good seems to have outweighed the bad. Without much ado, let’s get into why you should consider using this form of cloud computing:

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